Solar Street Lighting

African solar LED street light project  

Location: Africa, Quantity: 11,500 pcs, Solar Controller Model:TL12/2410LI-B 

This project was done by our client in Africa. The solar lighting system contains 140W Solar Panels 2 pcs, 12V 150AH battery 2pcs, and 60W LED Solar street lights. These solar LED street lights work under control of our controllers: full power 60W lights for 4 hours, then half power 30W lights for 4 hours, and finally 17W lights for 4 hours.





Pakistan solar LED street light project  

Location: Pakistan, Quantity: 10,000 pcs, Solar Controller Model: CLLM12/2408LI-40W

The project is the project done by our client in Pakistan. The solar street light controller used in this project is CLLM12/2408LI-40W for lithium battery with MPPT charging technology. The maximum tracking and charge conversion efficiency are respectively 99.95% and 96%. The charge efficiency of this series controller is 15%-20% higher than PWM controllers.





Australian Solar Home System 

Location: Australia, Quantity: 500 pcs, Solar Controller Model: DT2420/DT4830/DTM4840