Royals Electric, a global solution provider established in 2005 of industrial electric motors, and power & energy products. With 5,500,000+sqf China-based world-class manufacturing and R&D facilities, plus extensive contracted supplier partnerships, we deliver worldwide customers the broadest categories and capacities of exceptionally robust and cost-effective AC & DC motors excelling in performance, productivity and durability for diversified industries and applications from general to the harshest with the portfolio covering:

● Induction motors up to 50MW

● Large synchronous motors up to 120MW

● DC motors up to 20MW

We are also complete package provider and system integrator in the following fields:

 Power & Energy: Gas/steam/hydro/wind/solar turbines, generators

● Environmental protection: ESP, FGD, DeNOx, VOCs, etc.

● Drive, Control & Transmission: AC & DC drives, soft starters, gearboxes, etc.

● Steel plant: Smelting, casting and rolling

Steel forming: CTL, slitting, pipe making, roofing, etc. 

● Food equipment and solutions: Seafood, meat, fruit/vegetables/herbs processing

We take pride in serving numerous prestigious clients around the globe, meeting their specific demands and exceeding their expectations with exceptional products, solutions and services, and dedication to working jointly with our partners to achieve mutual success, and energy-effective, environment-friendly and sustainable development.

Business Divisions


We are committed to bringing utmost benefits and values to our partners, employees, investors and society and building an energy-efficient, clean, prosperous and sustainable earth for our future generations


We share the most recognized values of innovation, craftsmanship, client orientation, mutual and sustained prosperity


Our vision is to become a prestigious ever-growing leader in our specialities without boundaries of innovation