Hazardous Duty Motors

Royals Electric offers a wide range of hazardous duty motors used in explosive atmospheres containing flammable gases and/or combustible dusts, featuring maximum reliability and safety


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North American installations


North American standards for electric motors generally fall into one of two divisions. Division 1 Explosion Proof motors in accordance with NFPA Class I (Flammable Gases) or Class II (Combustible Dusts) and Groups (gases or dusts), depending upon the atmosphere. Division 2 motors are non-sparking motors.


European installations


Motors for hazardous locations in Europe must meet a different set of standards and require different markings than those of North America. CENELEC sets the standards for equipment in hazardous locations for Europe. Motors for use in explosive atmospheres in Europe are often referred to as flameproof (Zone 1) or non-sparking (Zone 2) motors. These motors must comply with the ATEX Directive. The ATEX Directive covers all electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres. To ensure compliance with the Directive, equipment must meet the essential ATEX requirements and carry the CE mark on the nameplate. Other information required on the nameplate includes the Ex symbol, group & category, Ex protection method, gas group, and temperature code, example (II 3 G Ex nA IIC T3). 


Technical Scope


IEC sizes 63-900, NEMA sizes 143T-449T

Area/Ex Classification: Class I, II, Division/Zone 1, 2

Insulation Class F or H

Protection: IP44, IP54, IP55 and higher

Cooling: IC411, IC416, IC511, IC516, IC611, IC616, IC81W, IC86W

Inverter duty available

High and premium efficiency available

* Please contact us for the availability to meet your specific applications and requirements.