Synchronous Motors

Royals Electric's synchronous motors are optimally designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver superior reliability and efficiency for general & heavy industries, that help our customers cut operating, maintenance and energy costs while lowering environmental impact. Both slow and high speed motors are available and the proven design has delivered extremely good performance in different types of installations. The motors are connected direct-on-line or fed via variable speed drives.

Piercer Motor, 6800kW.jpg

Technical Scope


Power up to 110MW, 2-48 Poles

Voltage 600-13,800V

Insulation Class F or H

Protection: IP00-IP55 and higher

Cooling: IC01, IC86W, IC611, IC616 or else

Inverter and hazardous duty available




Metals: rolling mills, blowers, pumps, perforators

Oil & Gas: pumps, fans, centrifugal and reciprocal compressors

Pulp & Paper: refiners, wood grinders

Chemicals: extruders, compressors, expanders

Mining: mills, hoists, conveyors

Water & Wastewater: pumps