Low Voltage Motors

Royals Electric offers a most comprehensive portfolio of low voltage induction motors for broadest general and definite purpose applications from ordinary to extremely tough environments, featuring high power density, energy efficient, and extra durability.


General purpose motors

Developed from the outset for maximum convenience and easy handling, Royals Electric general purpose motors can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. These motors are suitable for OEMs to build into pumps and fans, as well as for gearboxes, conveyors, general machinery and other applications. Some standard designs are available from stock, while customer and application specific solutions are manufactured to order and can be tailored to meet specific needs.


Definite purpose motors

Royals Electric definite purpose motors are extra rugged and robust, designed for durability in the most demanding environments and applications. They are ideally suited to process industries and heavy duty applications – sectors like mining, cement and paper - where motors have to meet high requirements for reliability, safety and efficiency in harsh conditions.


Provide great flexibility for specific solutions and can be individually designed to the exact demands of the application

Wide range of options and accessories available


Technical Scope


IEC sizes 63-560, up to 1,600kW

Insulation Class F or H

Protection: IP44, IP54, IP55 or higher

Cooling: IC411, IC416 or else

Efficiency: IE2-IE5

Aluminum, cast iron rib-cooled or welded steel plate frame

Squirrel cage and slip ring

General and definite purpose

Inverter and hazardous duty available

Continuous and intermittent duties

Multi mounting arrangements